• The brand strategies are a powerful and long-term plan for the business’s growth and evolution! Discover the 3 different types of branding strategies!

    Businesses of sizes create branding strategies to develop a clear distinction over competitive and aggressive offerings in a consumer’s mind. All of your consumers should be able to recognize your business and brand’s essence in your products, marketing activities, and in your stories. There is no need to say that building a brand, especially building brand differentiation requires planning and careful thought.

    All of your products must maintain and use your brand tonality, as well as, help your business and brand stand out. If you don’t pay attention you could cause serious damage to your business and brand as you will be perceived as untrustworthy and unreliable. So, what can you do to differentiate your brand in this highly competitive time? How could your business and brand aim for a powerful brand presence?

    In this article, we are going to present you 3 different types of branding strategies you can use:

    • Design a remarkable experience and discover your buyer’s needs and desires - As a business owner you need to focus on quality and value above all else. This will allow you to justify higher prices. In order to succeed with this strategy, everything about your business and brand should be related to your logo including your staff attire and your packaging design. Even though it is usually forgotten, the quality must always shine through customer representatives as they are the ones who communicate with the consumers, answer the phone, and respond on social media. You also need to discover your buyer’s needs and desires. Determining where best to place your goods or services to attract the attention of your customers is really important. By using high-quality market research organizations you will be able to understand your premium consumers and identify their needs and desires.
    • Understand consumer behavior - This is a part of the anti-branding strategy. The anti-branding strategies use the close relationship that successful brands and businesses have with their names, logo designs, and other marketing tools. The concept of the supermarket white label known as “own brand” is one of the most successful anti-brand strategies. The consumers are encouraged and strongly determined to believe that they are receiving the same quality of a product but for a much cheaper price. Even though it is not confirmed that this is actually the case, this strategy enables the company to cut the production expenses by using simple logo designs, basic packaging, and limited advertisements.
    • Brand appropriation - be aware of the risk - The brand appropriation is a little bit complicated and a risky strategy. If you get it wrong, the strategy can land you in serious troubles. This strategy includes piggy-backing off the back of another company or brand by relating it with yours. You may be able to get a support and confirmation from a national firm and ask them for a permission to use their design and logo on your promotional material or marketing collateral. You need to keep in mind that the bigger the other company is, the more protective they are likely to be with their logo, design, and brand image. The large brands and businesses have more resources to sue any invasion they come up against. That is why having a good lawyer is always recommended and in some situations absolutely necessary!

    So, has your business used any of these branding strategies? If yes, share your experience with us or recommend us new techniques and strategies we can use! For more tips on running a business, click here!