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Oh! Brand positioning! That’s my favorite topic. You might be guessing wrong if you think it about placing the brand on shelf to make it available on shops and ready to customers. Marketers are facing some real tough issues as far as brand positioning concept is concerned. According to Al-Ries, marketing people believe more in positioning rather than principles of marketing. In some cases, concept of brand positioning is widely misunderstood. On the other hand it’s not an easy task to apply on brand with the fact that marketing sense is more required than common sense to being on right track.

According to marketing strategist, Al Ries and Jack Trout, Positioning comprehends a particular perception of the brand in the specific category. For example In US, the safest car is Volvo, now consumers perceive Volvo brand with the safety. Here positioning concept arises with the fact that competitor will follow different strategy by making luxury car, hence positioning is to differentiate the brand in the mind of customer. Hence to make positioning successful, you just need to insert your idea into the customer’s mind before the competitor does it. Brand Positioning is all about getting in the mind of consumers and hanging in there without touching the brand itself to beat the competitors in the market.

Being first, it doesn’t means to launch your brand in marketplace, outlets or shopping malls first, but land in the mind of customer first. How to make it possible? Right time is to locate your brand in that specific category where there is no such brand exists, that’s the perfect time to make your brand the leader. Take an example of red bull which was the first one in energy drink category and now leading.

Therefore, getting in the consumers mind should be the priority and then indulging in marketplace gets automatically easy. Brand domination and its total share in the marketplace come from being first and leading in its category. So make a category and then introduce your brand.

To become a great brand it must parallel aligned with customer needs and core values. Strong brands project a strong and clear vision; communicate the distinctive value of the brand in an overfilled marketplace. Neglecting the positioning of brand is a big NO in this tidy competitive situation existing right now in market.

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