6 Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Building business does not require a huge startup capital. Successfully branding your encyclopedia business only requires some time and effort. Listed below are some ways to attract new customers.

  1. Sign up to Speak at Events

You can find new clients and share expertise by speaking at business events in your locality. These events usually have panels which put together speakers from a similar background. Working with the organization helps disseminate information, encourages discussion and is great branding technique since it does not sound like a sale pitch. Attending such events will also help you build contacts in the industry.

  1. Develop Talking Points

Develop clear and concise messages that you want to present to your clients. These act as marketing and merchandising material. The message should invoke emotions and tell a story. Rather than just listing down the specifications and features of the service it is better to tell a personal story to connect with the customer.

  1. Work with Bloggers

Connect with others who can spread your message and market the product. These people are influencers and have a huge following which allows their message to reach thousands of people. Bloggers can be convinced to write about your encyclopedia business by being offered giveaways, discounts and other gifts. However it is important to find out whether or not that particular blogger has the right audience.

  1. Get Referred

Current clients have the power to bring in more people to your business, particularly their family and friends. Do not shy away from asking customers to leave reviews and refer your business. This process can be incentivized through discounts, gift cards and other perks in exchange for getting someone else to buy the product.

  1. Utilize LinkedIn

LinkedIn is home to many discussion groups which focus on certain topics. It also allows people to network and connect with other entrepreneurs. The discussion group that fits your niche can be joined and you can use that platform to establish yourself as a business leader.

  1. Send out Regular Newsletters

The best way to stay in touch with clients is by reminding them again and again about your business. An online newsletter can do that as it sends out important information to the clients about your products. Since you do not know when the customer might need your product it is important to remain on their radar at all times.

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